New Orleans April Events

After several long months, New Orleans is finally getting back into the groove of things. With COVID-19 restrictions lessening, more events will be popping up around the city. After the year we’ve had, you won’t want to miss a single one. Here’s a list of upcoming events that are sure to interest you and your family. 

Be Kind to Yourself - April 3rd

New Orleans April events dates

Calling all art lovers! The Jonathan Ferrara Gallery will be opening a new exhibition on April 3rd titled Life In Bloom. It will feature new figurative paintings by New-Orleans based artist, Ruth Owens. Through her art, Owens explores the relationship between outdoor spaces and people of color. Her series placing black and brown bodies against backdrops showcasing natural environments, which people of color have often been excluded from.

The exhibition will be available for viewing from April 1st to May 29th. The first Saturday Gallery Openings, however, will begin on April 3rd and May 1st from 10 am – 5pm. This gallery is free for those wishing to pay it a visit.

The Pissarro Dynasty: Five Generations of Artistic Mastery - April 19th

New Orleans April events dates

If that isn’t enough art for you, do not worry!  M.S. Rau will be presenting a collection from five generations of Pissarro family artists. This will range in styles, media, and subjects. The Pissarro dynasty is the longest in the history of Western art, and no other family has yet to match their artistic legacy.

This showcase will be occurring Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. This collection will be on display until May 15th, and it is free to the public.

Dog Day - April 10th

New Orleans April events dates

If you have a four-legged friend that you love to take everywhere with you, this just might be the event for you. On April 10th, Bayou Paddlesports will be holding a Dog Day. What is this you ask? Simply a day where you can bring your furry friend to paddle alongside you!

Prices start at $12 for kids and $22 for adults. This event will begin at 9 AM and last until 5 PM. No pets, but don’t want to miss out on the fun? No worries! Bayou Paddlesports will also be hosting family day on April 17th.

Goat in the Road Scavenger Hunt - April 17th

New Orleans April events dates

For those looking for something to do that is a little out of the ordinary, Goat in the Road Productions will be hosting a scavenger hunt on April 17th. Groups can sign up and follow clues around Marigny and Bywater, exploring the murals of the neighborhood and spending the day outside.  Costumes are encouraged, especially goat horns. There will even be an on-site craft table available to make your own.

Prices begin at $10 and snacks and refreshments will be available. Masks are required for check-in.

Zurich Golf Classic - April 19th

New Orleans April events dates

If you are a fan of golf, this is the event for you. The Zurich Classic of New Orleans, one of the most fun tournaments of the PGA tour, will take place through April 19th to April 25th. While you watch, you can enjoy classic Louisiana foods, including Gulf shrimp and freshly shucked oysters.

For more information, feel free to call or check out their website.

A Sip of French Culture - April 22nd

New Orleans April events dates

A sip of French culture takes place at the Sazerac House, and it is a great opportunity for those who are wanting to experience new and away from the watchful eyes of children. Learn more about the French influence that is still seen in New Orleans today, including music, architecture, and etiquette.

Events begin at 5 PM and last for 45 minutes. It is $25 per person, and all guests must be 21 or over to participate. The event will include socially-distanced seating and face coverings are required.

Treme Virtual and Cultural Festival - April 24th

New Orleans April events dates

The beloved Treme Fall Fest that is enjoyed by both guests and locals alike is making a comeback, but this time things will be a little different. On April 24th, a small fundraising concert will be held at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, featuring the Treme Brass Band, Dr. Michael White, and James Andrew. The event will be live streamed and up to 100 guests will be able to view it live on the museum lawn.

The event will begin at 6 PM and will last until 9 PM. Tickets are priced at $100 each.

Dinner and a Movie: Say Anything - April 30th

New Orleans April events dates

What’s better than a dinner and a movie? According to NOCHI, not much. As a result, they have curated a special event that not only showcases some classic films and a menu to match but also a panoramic view of the New Orleans skyline. On April 30th, NOCHI will be featuring Say Anything with a large menu inspired by the movie, including a “Seattle Dog” which is a pork pate with caramelized onions and herb-whipped cream cheese.

Tickets are $65 and include a movie-inspired feast and speciality cocktails, including non-alcoholic and vegetarian options.  The doors open at 7 PM, and dinner is served at 8 PM. The movie screen will follow shortly after.

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New Orleans April events dates

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Top ten tips businesses should already know about Women Consumers

One of the cardinal sins for any business is to think of your customers as a single demographic. Often many small business owners will think of their patrons as simply their customers and assume that all of their customers will react in the same fashion to whatever change they make their make to their business.

This is usually never the reality, as different consumers from different parts of the socioeconomic ladder and ethnographic geography respond in various ways from anything from price changes to logo redesigns.

Today I want to focus on female consumers and some of the interesting facts and trends that professional services firm EY has noted in their report Women: the next emerging market. (Click on the photo to open up a fancy presentation style, or just continue below.)

1) Women are the consumer economy: 70-80% of all consumer purchasing is due to either female buying power, and/or influence. Influence meaning that a woman is the one who makes the deciding vote on whether or not a conversion takes place even when they are not the direct purchaser. This is consistent across the spectrum of industries even in realms that a person might consider male dominated.

2) Women are the multiplier effect: In nearly all societies on Earth women act as the primary caregiver to children and the elderly. This means that they are not only making purchases and purchasing decisions for themselves, but for those in their households, extended family, and friends. A single woman could be the gatekeeper for purchases for a dozen people or more.

3) Don’t make gender your blind spot: Of all of the possible demographic differences between consumers from race to religion, gender is the single most powerful determinate. Most business courses that universities teach often ignore this factor in course work to the disadvantage of their pupils. Even more frightening, often many businesses do not think deeply about this in business practices or the workplace. By not paying attention and progressively analysing how this incredibly unique and powerful demographic thinks and acts, you are actively harming your productivity and profitability.

4) Study women as you would a foreign market: Men and women even from the same place are raised with two entirely unique cultures in relation to their gender. Female culture should be studied with the same level of depth that a business would give to their study of the European or Asian markets. Female culture is equally, if not more complex than any other market you hope to maximize.

5) Just making it Pink isn’t marketing to women: A company that thinks it is catering to women by using pink as often the only alternative color of a product, is more than likely only sending the message to women that they put barely any thought into it. Unless it is for raising money for breast cancer, pink is just another color among many. The age of pink for girls and blue for boys died in the last century.

6) Using the name on the bill to determine the decision maker is often a mistake: Relying on whose name appears on the credit card often misses the importance of the woman as the final decider on purchases. While many males will be the cardholder, even in households in which the woman does not work, she still acts as the financial director of the home.

7) The gender-balance of a management team should reflect your customer base: Studies have shown that companies with gender-balanced teams have a higher ROI than companies that do not. So if women make up a significant number of your customers, then think about having your management team reflect it for positive financial results.

8) Look at long term demographic trends for long term planning: Being well educated on rising trends will always give you a decisive edge over your competitors with a particular demographic. Several trends affect women consumers, such as:

  • Historically high involvement of women in the workforce.
  • The average marriage age is rising.
  • Younger people are having less children.

9) Women are always females before they are consumers: Women around the world are more similar than they are different. United by their biology, physical development, and cultural role in society as caregivers, relationship builders, and communicators. Likewise some of the negative issues they face, while varying to degree based on geography and culture, are universal.

10) Customer service is key to success with women: Women put a higher value on service than men. So by improving your service to satisfy your female customers, you will as a result improve it for everyone.

Female domination of the consumer market has arrived and there is no turning back. Now you only have to decide whether your business is ready for this brave new world. Will you learn to adapt to the changing market, or go extinct like the dinosaurs?

Put an End to Convention Transportation Troubles

Executive Bus New Orleans

Anyone who has had to organize the transportation for their team when traveling to a convention knows the struggle that comes with the simple task of going from point a to point b.

Too many times an team member ends up in a strange city for conventions with few to no easy transportation methods available to easily travel across town. This usually leads to everyone needing to split up, taking different shuttles and taxis. This ends up making scheduling group meals, outings, or workshops very stressful as you never know when (or if at all) your team will show up.

As professionals know all too well, there is a limited amount of time you have to make the most of the productivity and growth a convention offers. Every extra thirty minute wait just increases the unproductive time spent at the convention and while we all enjoy staring at the back of a cab drivers head that time could be spent in several more productive ways. Further it can lead to a breakdown of one of the major benefits of taking your team to a convention, the teambuilding and interconnection between team members that results in increased performance and productivity down the line.

People will group up because of the travel constraints of small sized cabs, or other average municipal transportation. Choosing instead to rent an executive bus or mini bus through the issues of adequate room for each and every team member, constant access to transportation to anywhere in the city you are visiting, and unshackles you from the temporal issues of finding someone available to transport you and your team when you want to go and not when they have available. By taking the pressure of getting around these new cities out of the minds of your team they can focus on their tasks at hand, namely improving their abilities and knowledge at the convention. So next time you find yourself heading to a convention with a small to large group ask if you really want to deal with the cabbie shuffle, or decrypting the public transit and instead choose to rent a convenient and comfortable executive or mini bus.

More Pictures from LCT International

As you’ve heard before, our team is hard at work learning “the best of the best” at LCT International, in Las Vegas. They’re out there gaining insight on new software, viewing possible fleet additions, and attending lectures from transportation industry leaders worldwide.

Their dynamic experience continues throughout the week and we’re happy to share some more photos from yesterday and today!

Audubon Limousine at LCT International!

At Audubon Limousine, our team is committed to providing the best in luxury transportation in every way that we can.

Not only do we take care of every detail, large and small, but we make it a point to treat each guest like royalty. We also utilize the most advanced technological software for fleet tracking and communications, as well as integrate with real time digital check in software. Last month, we launched instant online transportation reservations on our website.

Staying ahead of the curve means keeping up to date with worldwide advances both on and off the road. That’s why our very own Audubon Limousine Vice President, General Manager, and Group Sales Manager are in Las Vegas at this very moment attending the 2016 International LCT Show!!

Billed as “The Great Industry Event,” the show brings together the best speakers, suppliers, and industry executives from around the globe. The team’s currently attending “Day 2” of the event and they already have pages of ideas and new contacts to bring home!

Stay tuned for more updates from LCT. The team is there throughout the week!

For those interested in reserving luxury transportation, make sure to reach out to the rest of our team here in New Orleans and Slidell, LA. We look forward to helping with your travel.

Our Brides & Grooms Deserve the Best

At Audubon Limousine, we pride ourselves in providing impeccable, luxury chauffeured service. Our team takes care of every detail, large and small, to ensure that guests are treated like royalty from the moment they reach out.

For our brides and grooms, this detail includes everything from help with logistics planning, to personal viewings of our fleet, to extra special care before, throughout, and after their special day.

One of the special pieces of lagniappe our team takes pride in is sending a personalized note and fleur de lis pin to our Audubon Limousine wedding parties. It’s just another way we show how much their special day becomes our special day, as well.

Recently, we received this wonderful “thank you” note from our bride, Melissa.




Thank you so much for the sweet Fleur de Lis pin, its beautiful!  That is so incredibly thoughtful and kind of you all.   I will be sure to carry it on my wedding day (most likely on my bouquet), thank you so much!



It’s words like these that make our day.


If you’re planning a wedding soon in New Orleans, Mandeville, Slidell, Covington, Metairie, or anywhere in the Greater New Orleans area, we would love to hear from you! Our team looks forward to seeing how we can add to your day with our premier luxury limousine service.

Take Your Valentine on the Perfect Night Out

2016 is officially in full swing down here in New Orleans. After a beautiful and eventful Mardi Gras season, it’s now time to grab your loved one and treat them to a something special for Valentine’s Day this Sunday.

Our team at Audubon Limousine is on standby to provide excellence in chauffeured limousine service with the special attention to detail you would expect for the occasion.

Whether your plans include an eventful Saturday in the French Quarter with a delicious brunch and a trip the a museum for two, or an illustrious Sunday night filled with romantic cuisine and cocktails over  music on Frenchmen Street, reserving a limousine for the occasion is what makes Valentine’s Day a truly exquisite affair.

To instantly reserve your limousinelimousine buscar service, or luxury SUV, just book online or call (504) 210-8340.

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Just check out our new “Book Now” page for details.

At Audubon Limousine, we understand that superior service lies in the details. That’s why we’re continually pushing forward with new reservation software, cutting edge traffic monitoring, and all of the many factors that come along with providing punctual, streamlined chauffeured care.

As a locally owned and operated, premier luxury transportation business, we take pride in becoming your long term provider for all special ventures out. We look forward to adding limousine and luxury transportation service for your next Mardi Gras Ball, MSY transfer, convention center shuttle, or beautifully perfect Louisiana wedding!

Give the Gift of Luxury

luxury transportation

As we close in on the holiday season and gear up to welcome the new year, there’s never a better time to celebrate with loved ones.

With each family get together or gathering with friends, there’s the chance to revisit memories from 2015, appreciate each other’s company, and exchange gifts for the holidays.

For someone special this year, give the gift of luxury with a gift certificate from Audubon Limousine.

Our team is at your service from the moment you reach out and will help drill down exactly the type of certificate you need. Expedited shipping is available.

To purchase yours, just contact us at (985) 326-2117 or here on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you and to making your loved one’s holiday even more special.