Audubon Limousine at LCT International!

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Posted by on March 01, 2016

At Audubon Limousine, our team is committed to providing the best in luxury transportation in every way that we can.

Not only do we take care of every detail, large and small, but we make it a point to treat each guest like royalty. We also utilize the most advanced technological software for fleet tracking and communications, as well as integrate with real time digital check in software. Last month, we launched instant online transportation reservations on our website.

Staying ahead of the curve means keeping up to date with worldwide advances both on and off the road. That's why our very own Audubon Limousine Vice President, General Manager, and Group Sales Manager are in Las Vegas at this very moment attending the 2016 International LCT Show!!

Billed as "The Great Industry Event," the show brings together the best speakers, suppliers, and industry executives from around the globe. The team's currently attending "Day 2" of the event and they already have pages of ideas and new contacts to bring home!

Stay tuned for more updates from LCT. The team is there throughout the week!

For those interested in reserving luxury transportation, make sure to reach out to the rest of our team here in New Orleans and Slidell, LA. We look forward to helping with your travel.

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Audubon Limousine attends LCT!