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A Gorgeous Louisiana Wedding: Thanks and Appreciation.

Posted by on March 21, 2016

There's nothing like a gorgeous Louisiana wedding.

The joy of taking care of the details, large and small, in providing transportation for one's "special day" is something that we at Audubon Limousine jump to do.

To us, it's an honor to be chosen to be part of such a memorable event, so we do all that we can to ensure that the (wedding) bells and whistles are paid close attention.

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Karen for her daughter's wedding day. The event was absolutely beautiful and working with Karen was a delight.

Just today, we received the following note in our inbox:




Wanted to thank you for your help in arranging my daughter’s wedding day transportation.  The wedding was Saturday, March 19th and the drivers did an excellent job!  I heard very favorable comments from several people."


She went on to say....


"It was a truly fabulous day and, again, thank you so very much!"


It's notes like these that make our already bright days, even brighter.

If you have a special occasion coming up or are planning a wedding soon, we'd love to hear from you. Our team looks forwad to adding to event with impeccable care, superior service, and our top of the line fleet of vehicles.

More Pictures from LCT International

Posted by on March 02, 2016

As you've heard before, our team is hard at work learning "the best of the best" at LCT International, in Las Vegas. They're out there gaining insight on new software, viewing possible fleet additions, and attending lectures from transportation industry leaders worldwide.

Their dynamic experience continues throughout the week and we're happy to share some more photos from yesterday and today!

LCT Transportation Show Blog

Leslie Cunningham, Audubon Limousine Group Sales Manager, with power speaker Mary Ann Sena-Edelen, VP of Diversity of MGM Resorts International.

LCT Transportation Show Blog

Audubon Limousine at LCT International!

Posted by on March 01, 2016

At Audubon Limousine, our team is committed to providing the best in luxury transportation in every way that we can.

Not only do we take care of every detail, large and small, but we make it a point to treat each guest like royalty. We also utilize the most advanced technological software for fleet tracking and communications, as well as integrate with real time digital check in software. Last month, we launched instant online transportation reservations on our website.

Staying ahead of the curve means keeping up to date with worldwide advances both on and off the road. That's why our very own Audubon Limousine Vice President, General Manager, and Group Sales Manager are in Las Vegas at this very moment attending the 2016 International LCT Show!!

Billed as "The Great Industry Event," the show brings together the best speakers, suppliers, and industry executives from around the globe. The team's currently attending "Day 2" of the event and they already have pages of ideas and new contacts to bring home!

Stay tuned for more updates from LCT. The team is there throughout the week!

For those interested in reserving luxury transportation, make sure to reach out to the rest of our team here in New Orleans and Slidell, LA. We look forward to helping with your travel.

LCT International Transportation

Audubon Limousine Transportation Show

LCT Transportation Show Speaker

Audubon Limousine attends LCT!