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Summer Travel in New Orleans. Cold AC & Lots of Leg Room

Posted by on June 27, 2013

If you’re a native of New Orleans, chances are you’re used to the heat that comes along with June, July, August and especially September. You inherently walk on the shadier side of the street, know the opening  times each and every snoball stand nearby, and jean shorts are always in fashion.

Native or guest to the Crescent City, all would agree that getting from point A to point B mandates a nice, cool, working air conditioner.

Of course, we have that and much MUCH more here at Audubon Limousine. Not only are you swooped away to your destination quickly, and in style, but you are treated to the utmost in comfort all the while. Not to mention the new limo additions added to our fleet recently. These babies glide around potholes like they don’t even exist!

We are excited to grow our fleet, our Audubon Limousine family, and to be able to offer much more to you.

Bring it on Summer! Let’s have some fun in the sun.