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Put an End to Convention Transportation Troubles

Executive Bus New Orleans

Anyone who has had to organize the transportation for their team when traveling to a convention knows the struggle that comes with the simple task of going from point a to point b.

Too many times an team member ends up in a strange city for conventions with few to no easy transportation methods available to easily travel across town. This usually leads to everyone needing to split up, taking different shuttles and taxis. This ends up making scheduling group meals, outings, or workshops very stressful as you never know when (or if at all) your team will show up.

As professionals know all too well, there is a limited amount of time you have to make the most of the productivity and growth a convention offers. Every extra thirty minute wait just increases the unproductive time spent at the convention and while we all enjoy staring at the back of a cab drivers head that time could be spent in several more productive ways. Further it can lead to a breakdown of one of the major benefits of taking your team to a convention, the teambuilding and interconnection between team members that results in increased performance and productivity down the line.

People will group up because of the travel constraints of small sized cabs, or other average municipal transportation. Choosing instead to rent an executive bus or mini bus through the issues of adequate room for each and every team member, constant access to transportation to anywhere in the city you are visiting, and unshackles you from the temporal issues of finding someone available to transport you and your team when you want to go and not when they have available. By taking the pressure of getting around these new cities out of the minds of your team they can focus on their tasks at hand, namely improving their abilities and knowledge at the convention. So next time you find yourself heading to a convention with a small to large group ask if you really want to deal with the cabbie shuffle, or decrypting the public transit and instead choose to rent a convenient and comfortable executive or mini bus.

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Audubon Limousine is currently accepting reservations for bus charters and private tours only. We are unable to provide airport transfers or transportation for less than 3 hours. We look forward to serving you with your group's transportation needs!