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A Wedding Tale: The Le Bouefs

A Wedding Tale: The Le Bouefs

We love the chance to lend a hand, and consider each and every guest we pick up as part of our New Orleans family. 

With that in mind, it’s clear to see why it’s a downright HONOR to be part of someone’s most special day – their WEDDING!!

This year, we had the privilege of working with Mr. Andy & Mrs. Kayla Le Bouef on their wedding transportation. It was a beautiful Louisiana day, which turned into a gorgeous Louisiana night, and the bride and groom were charming to say the least.

They were so sweet and gracious in the time we worked with them beforehand, nailing down the “when’s” and the “where’s” of their limousine transport, it was easy to be excited for them on their upcoming nuptials.

After they were hitched, we were sad the “gig” was over, but we were sure we’d see them again for another special event. Perhaps an anniversary, or a wedding transport. (After all, they were part of our Audubon Limousine family now!)

What we did not expect was the beautiful “Thank You” card we received after. How lovely to be included in their thoughts too!

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