French Quarter Fest 2013 is Almost Here

Our beloved French Quarter Fest starts THIS WEEKEND. Clearly, we could not be more excited.

On Thursday, April 11th, friends, family, and visitors to the city will be able to catch some amazing, FREE music along the Mississippi River. The food will be delicious, as usual, with local faire from many of our favorite restaurants to choose from. There will also be a few “can’t miss” events happening at night throughout the city.

With all of this celebration comes street closures, and we’re no stranger to that in the Crescent City. In New Orleans, “festing” is a way of life, and having to take a detour or two just comes with the deal.

If you aren’t familiar with our French Quarter streets, have no fear! We have several buses, vans, limos, and even a party bus to get you around. Special package rates are available, so why not take advantage?

Go ahead. Sit back, relax, and let us get you to the French Quarter festivities. What a perfect way to spend your vacation!

Sounds cool, but it’s probably too expensive.

We hear it time and time again. Meeting someone through a friend, at a crawfish boil, or what-have-you, and the conversation always ends up in “what do you do?” Of course, we go into what we love – getting people around our beloved New Orleans. And that’s when we hear it. Those commonly uttered words. The ones we know are not true, but hear anyway…

“I thought about using a limo for my bachelor party/birthday party/daughter’s prom/etc. but it just seemed too expensive.”

It’s like nails on chalkboard, because we know it isn’t true!

Yes, riding in a limo or party bus seems very extravagant. And it is. That’s the point! Basking in the decadence of comfortable, pristine, top of the line vehicles with a driver at your service is an amazing feeling.

What many don’t realize, however, is that when you split up the rate with other passengers, you can do this for about the cost of your dinner that night. That, friends, is the secret that our repeat guests have discovered, and it is one of the reasons they continue to come back. (In addition to the impeccable service, of course.)

Our rates are truly that competitive, and are some of the lowest you’ll find. We invite you to call around and see!

Rates are either “chartered,” meaning ongoing service with a minimum of hours (usually 3), or booked as “transfers,” which is used for things getting to the cruise dock or train station. There’s also special wedding packages available.

Knowing that this is in your reach is one thing, but the big question is when to use it?

Our #1 suggestion would be to surprise your significant other for a night out on the town, or for your anniversary. Trust us on this one guys.

To find out more, just give us a call or shoot us an email for more information. We have a fleet on hand with diverse vehicles for any occasion!